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Life never ends. Love never dies. 


Visits From Heaven is an inspiring series hosted by Josie Varga, author of the best-selling book of the same title. Each show supports Josie’s belief that there is verifiable proof in the existence of the Afterlife and that one need not be a medium to be open to receiving messages. The compelling, yet mystifying narratives, largely drawn from chapters in Josie’s books, explore difficult-to-dismiss accounts of everyday people and their Afterlife Communications with deceased loved ones.


Based on actual events, these stories present thought-provoking and eye-opening validations as evidence that “life never ends and love never dies.”


The series incorporates interviews with the individuals involved, as well as contributions from credible experts in the related fields. Reenactments, graphics, special effects and on-scene footage further illustrate the subject.


As the author of 4 books on the subject, Josie has learned that once the topic of Afterlife Communication enters the conversation, everyone has a story to tell.


Welcome to the magical world of the Rainbow Dojo! 


Join Sensei Rainbow, the Dojo Kids, and Yin and Yang, their enchanted dragon friends, as they embark upon a karate adventure, complete with singing, dancing, and martial arts training. In this pilot, their mission is to encourage and support Danny, a small boy with a big basketball. Yes! He really can keep up with the other kids on the playground.

Geared towards young audiences, Sensei Rainbow emphasizes the importance of exercise as a way to build self-confidence and demonstrates the difference between being assertive as opposed to using aggression as the solution to conflicts and confrontations that may come up in a child’s life.

Beverly Foreverly, a documentary
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"Last night, I prayed. In the middle of the night, I got up, and I prayed that my mother would come through me today, that I would be able to communicate this story." 


In this “Coming of Old Age" documentary, a son strives to comprehend life, here and in the hereafter, as he attempts to reconnect with his mother on the Other Side. When Beverly Seeger died suddenly in January of 2003, David Seeger, a three-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, was emotionally unprepared for the loss. More than his mother, she was his mentor, his business partner and his best friend. 


Accompanied by Dr. Martin O. Cohen, a Physicist and a staunch skeptic, he seeks counsel and insight from Rabbis, Psychics and Mediums. Desperate for answers, We follow David as he documents his quest to address the age-old question; “Is there life after death?” 

"Knowing" with Glenn Dove
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"It has been my mission to aid and comfort as many people possible through the gift I was given. My personal commitment to humanitarian service is foremost in my life.”

As a young child, Glenn Dove exhibited signs of his psychic gifts but as he grew into young adulthood, set his sights on his other special talent, playing the drums. A successful musician in a rock band, his world was thrown into turmoil by the tragic death of a close friend. By way of working through his grief, he visited a psychic medium and an astrologer, both of whom foretold that soon he would be changing careers and working in their field. This prediction soon came to pass. Despite his flourishing career, with a second album coming out, he found that, as more and more people began seeking him out for spiritual advice, he was drawn instead towards what he now considers to be his life’s mission.


Get a glimpse of what it means to be a Psychic, Medium and Hypnotist on "Knowing" with Glenn Dove. 

For more information about Glenn Dove:

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Turning a recruit into a Marine is grueling . . . transforming a group of Jersey Girls is PURE HELL!


Meet Tom Jimenez, Marine, Body Builder, Trainer and Owner of Xtreme Bootcamp in Norwood, NJYou won't believe goings on and never-ending drama of life at the gym. Watch as his devoted clientele follow him always, whenever and wherever he up and moves his gym. 


Tom never hesitates to go to extremes to motivate these women . . .  and they love it!


Women of all varieties, shapes and sizes pack the classes – chicks in short-shorts and visible thongs, young mothers with small kids in strollers, married women. Some of these women even pay cash for the classes so their husbands don’t know they are going to this infamous gym. And let's not forget all the Divorcees and Fitness Girls-In-Training who are always there, morning and night.


Each class, although highly entertaining and never boring, is also grueling and relentless. Tom gets results. An hour a day, brings about weight loss, muscle tone and self-confidence. These girls look and feel great! Their adoration grows for the muscle-bound tyrant in the front of the room, shouting at them to get to work out or get out!

The furs and the rumors are flying high . . .  who is new girlfriend this time around?

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