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Yoga Mountain: Yoga in the Classroom is a yoga textbook for Elementary School Teachers, written and illustrated by Gail Bennet Walsh and designed by Holly Whitstock Seeger.


The genesis of this yoga textbook book began with a photocopied instruction manual which Gail Walsh had written for her Graduate College Course, designed for prospective teachers to bring the practice of Yoga into the classroom.


Gail Walsh also teaches in elementary schools, firm in her belief that ‘Yoga Breaks’ create a calmer and more inspiring environment for learning, especially for children.


Of special note is a section of the book devoted to working with emotionally and physically disadvantaged children, which, in her ongoing hands-on work with them, she has learned that the practice of yoga can be very beneficial. Above are sample pages of Yoga Mountain, Yoga in the Classroom. 


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Yoga in the Classroom by Gail Bennett Walsh

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